Green Campus

The College has been awarded the ‘Clean and Green Campus’ by the Rotary Club of Chennapatna for the very clean, green and beautiful campus providing an excellent ambience for learning.

The college has a landscape consultant, garden supervisors, a large number of gardeners and a comprehensive set of garden equipment. The entire campus has landscaping with green grass, ornamental plants, and shady trees making the campus very green and beautiful. The college was adjudged by the Rotary Club of Chennai as the Most Green & Clean Campus in the year 2003. The college is very proud of this green and pollution-free ambience which has been conducive to a good educational ambience.

Extensive water-harvesting activity has been undertaken at various parts of the campus, resulting in very high ground-water levels.

Use of in-organic fertilizers has been dispensed with and organic farming is being adopted for the kitchen gardens in the campus. Recycling of waste water has been undertaken to reuse the water from bathrooms and kitchen cleaning areas for gardening purposes.

The college has an energy park, set up with funding from TEDA, which use solar energy for pumping and some lighting. It is planned to go in for solar water heater for the hostels.