A center of excellence (CoE) is a corporate group or team that leads other employees and the organization as a whole in some particular area of focus such as a technology, skill or discipline. To that end, a business CoE may provide research, support, guidance, placement training and oversight for other employees and students. The area of focus can be anything that's important enough to the business to devote the necessary resources to. A CoE may be ongoing or temporary; group members may work in another capacity or be full-time in the CoE.

A center of excellence is frequently used when an organization needs to take on a new technology or skill and manage its adoption. Major trends like BYOD (bring your own device) Cloud Computing and big data analytics often drive the adoption of CoEs as enterprises attempt to deal effectively with a rapidly evolving business environment.

Here are a few examples of how various entities use centers of excellence:

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems is the need and trend of the day and the future. Today 90% of computing devices are in Embedded Systems. It has more than 10 % growth rate per annum and over 40 billion devices are forecasted by 2020. This means 5 to 10 embedded devices per person on earth. The application areas start from tiny toys to aerospace applications, including consumer electronics, medical electronics, remote automation, industrial controls, automotive electronics, telecom, military applications and so on. This significance makes the Centre of Excellence in Embedded Systems a vital requirement for training the future Engineers.


The Telecom Centre of Excellence germinated with the high growth trajectory of telecommunications. The idea of Telecom Centre of Excellence is to bringing the Academic Institutions, Telecom Industry and Government together with the objective of creating an eco-system for sustainable growth of telecom sector in the country. COE encourage collaboration between Entrepreneurs, Industry with academic and Government R&D institutions.

The TELECOM technologies such as synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH),GSM, CDMA, Wireless Local Loop (WLL), NFV ,MPLS, New Technology Switching Systems(NTSS),Next Generation Network(NGN) and these covers Switching ,Transmission ,Wireless Communication,Technology Familiarisation,Computers and IT.

Automotive Electronics (AE)

Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Automotive Electronics (AE) is to create and disseminate knowledge through a range of high-quality academic program in a student-centered learning environment to emphasize intellectual achievement and to increase employability in the field of Automotive Electronics. This CoE dawns new ground in the Automotive Electronics training sector for EEE, ECE and EIE departments students. Employment opportunities are expected to keep pace with continuing rapid advances leading to increased demand for competent and versatile graduates who can design and implement innovative solutions for the Automotive Electronics industry in particular. Competition in the automotive industry is proliferating every day and CoE AE endeavors to continually infuse technological learning in students which will reflect the skills in demand by the industry worldwide. Thus, our accelerated learning techniques and blended learning experiences help students to maintain a competitive edge in the automotive industry. The global automotive industry has witnessed a lot of transformation in the last two decades with the digitization of vehicles. Developing less expensive electronics architecture is expected to expedite the demand for electronics and enable sophisticated functionalities as standard features. Globally, electronic components are expected to be 50 per cent of the value of a car by 2030. Extensive research in the areas of automotive power train, safety, control and electronics is being pursued globally and is gaining momentum in India with active participation from academia and industry. Thus, it is envisaged to be a Centre of Excellence focusing on providing research solutions to the automotive industries through focused R&D in association with the talent and capabilities at RMK Group of institutions.

Big Data

The Big Data Centre of Excellence helps students to train in various big data technologies like Apache Hadoop, Hive, Sqoop, NoSQL, Apache Pig, Apache Spar and MapReduce . It guides students to understand data analytics, predictive analytics and the convergence of IoT, cloud and Big Data. It also helps students to bridge the gap through comprehensive learning of technologies and enables them to add BigData skills to their profile.

Front-end developer

A Front-end developer (or indeed UI developer) really depends on the technologies being used. If it is a web application then the front-end is going to be using a mix of technologies such as HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, and perhaps Flash and even Silverlight.

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