( B.E - Computer Science & Engineering )

The Computer Science and Engineering Graduates of R.M.K. Engineering College will
PEO 1.Apply the principles and practices of computer science, including mathematics, science and basic engineering and use the modern engineering tools effectively in their profession.
PEO 2.Have skills to function as members of multi disciplinary teams and implement software technology solutions in world class standards and will be achievers at global level.
PEO 3.Excel in the field of software industry or in higher studies with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship by continuing to develop their professional knowledge on a lifelong basis.
PEO 4.Practice the profession with ethics, integrity, leadership and social responsibility with a good understanding of the changing societal needs.

( B.E - Computer Science & Engineering )

After the successful completion of the program, the graduates will be able to:
  1. Apply knowledge acquired from the basic hardware design and software core areas of Computer Science and Engineering for solving real world problems.
  2. Apply cutting edge technologies and strong analytical skills to develop quality software in scientific and business applications for the betterment of society and Industry.
  3. Employ modern computer languages, environments and platforms in creating innovative career paths to be an entrepreneur and with a zeal for higher studies.