Research Projects
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Agency Status
Study of Power Quality Issues in Grid connected Wind Farm Dr.C. Chellamuthu MNRE completed
Design, Development and Demonstration of Parabolic Trough Concentrated Solar Power based on Organic Rankine Cycle for Decentralized Power Plant Operation Dr.N.M Jothi Swaroopan MNRE Applied
Design Of Solar Powered Induction Heater For Rural Development N.M Jothi Swaroopan Tamilnadu State Council For Science And Technology Applied
Investigation of Power Quality Issues in Hybrid Systems Dr. Geetha Ramadas DST/SERB Applied
Anfis Based Control Of A Grid Connected Hybrid System Using Wind & Solar Energy Dr.Y.Sukhi MNRE Applied
Design and implementation of active Anti-islanding method protection for multi level CSI in grid Connected PV Systems Dr.M. Manoj Kumar DST/SERB Applied
Standalaone PV fed LED street lighting using resonant converter. Dr.Y.SUKHI Science and Engineering Research Board APPLIED
High power fator single stage -singla -switch resonant converter with current balancing for LED driver Dr.Y.SUKHI APPLIED APPLIED
Energy efficient hybrid power system using soft switched resonant converter Dr.Y.SUKHI RPS APPLIED