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Research Projects
Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Agency Status
Design of intelligent autonomous air vehicle system for suveillance Dr.R.Sivakumar IEDC COMPLETED
Reconfiguration of Optical Networks for Dynamic Traffic Dr. K. Vijaya AICTE On going
Cognitive Radio test bed Dr.R.Sivakumar AICTE, RPS COMPLETED
Smart G Shoes Dr.T.Suresh Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Centre,R.M.K. Engineering College COMPLETED
Design of Feasible Automatic Insulin Pump System Dr.T.Suresh Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Centre,R.M.K. Engineering College COMPLETED
Renewable Energy Driven Charging Unit Ms.D.Jothi Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Centre,R.M.K. Engineering College COMPLETED
Class D Power amplifier interfacing to ASLK (Analog system lab kit) Dr. S.Ramasamy Texas Instruments COMPLETED
Advanced driver assistance system using Beagle XM Board Dr. S.Ramasamy Cranes software International Ltd COMPLETED
Embedded system Design using ARM Processor Dr. S.Ramasamy MIT Campus, Anna University COMPLETED
Bio Medical Control Rapsi Dr. S.Ramasamy Bits n watts Embedded Solutions COMPLETED
Custom made data acquisition system with SD card for all using Mbed NXP LPC 1768 Kits Dr. S.Ramasamy ARM COMPLETED
Voice based ON-OFF control of an appliance using easy VR and Mbed NXP LPC 11U24 Dr. S.Ramasamy ARM COMPLETED
Advanced ATM security using touchalytics Dr. S.Ramasamy Enixs technology India Pvt Ltd COMPLETED
Automatic Rail Inspection Dr. S.Ramasamy Spectrum Controls Pvt Ltd COMPLETED
Analysis on telephony signaling system Dr. S.Ramasamy Vi Microsystems COMPLETED
A Smart portable DC charger for cell phones & Laptops using vibration conversion Dr. S.Ramasamy Vi Microsystems COMPLETED
Wireless based mining safety using Zigbee Dr. S.Ramasamy Vi Microsystems COMPLETED
Car accident avoider using brain wave sensor Dr. S.Ramasamy Elmack Engg Services COMPLETED
BLDC motor control with PWM using PSoC development Kits 001 2, 030 2, 050 - 1 Dr. S.Ramasamy Cypress COMPLETED
Driving pattern analysis system using ARM Freedom Dr. S.Ramasamy ARM COMPLETED
Noise monitor in classroom environment using ST DSP LiB Expansion bundle Dr. S.Ramasamy ARM COMPLETED
Smart eco driving system using Freescale Cup Kit Dr. S.Ramasamy Shenoy Systems COMPLETED
Implementation of RISC V using vertex 6 (VIVADO 2014) Dr. S.Ramasamy Xilinx COMPLETED
Smart Agro Automation system using Intel Galileo Dr. S.Ramasamy Intel COMPLETED
Elderly fall detection using Mbed Application shield Dr. S.Ramasamy ARM COMPLETED
Pick and place demo using Pololu 3 pi Robot Dr. S.Ramasamy ARM COMPLETED
CAN message demo using Mbed Kits Dr. S.Ramasamy ARM COMPLETED
AC controller through Bluetooth low energy of ARM mbed nRF 51822 Dr. S.Ramasamy ARM COMPLETED
Study of Power Quality Issues in Grid connected Wind Farm Dr.C. Chellamuthu MNRE completed
Design, Development and Demonstration of Parabolic Trough Concentrated Solar Power based on Organic Rankine Cycle for Decentralized Power Plant Operation Dr.N.M Jothi Swaroopan MNRE Applied
Design Of Solar Powered Induction Heater For Rural Development N.M Jothi Swaroopan Tamilnadu State Council For Science And Technology Applied
Investigation of Power Quality Issues in Hybrid Systems Dr. Geetha Ramadas DST/SERB Applied
Anfis Based Control Of A Grid Connected Hybrid System Using Wind & Solar Energy Dr.Y.Sukhi MNRE Applied
Design and implementation of active Anti-islanding method protection for multi level CSI in grid Connected PV Systems Dr.M. Manoj Kumar DST/SERB Applied