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Academic Year 2013-2014

Name Title Journal Year
Ms Priya C Comparative Study of Controllers for a Variable Area MIMO Interacting NonLinear System International Journal of Engineering and Technology 2014
Ms Priya C Experimental Investigations on Hybrid PSOGSA optimized Passivity controller for a nonlinear system International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 2014
Dr Vijayalakshmi S Model identification for Industrial Coal Fired Boiler Based on Linear Parameter Varying Method International Journal of Engineering and Technology 2013
Dr Muthu Kannan P Automatic Retail System Using RFID International Journal of Advance Research in Computer Science and Management Studies 2013
Dr Uma Maheswari M G Analysis and design of digital predictive controller for PFC Cuk converter Journal of Computational Electronics(Springer Publications) 2013
Dr. Mohamed Junaid K.A. Image Retrieval using Krawtchouk Moments Jokull Journal 2013