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Academic Year 2012-2013

Name Title Journal Year
Dr. Mohamed Junaid K.A. Image retrieval using krawtchouk Moments Archive of sciences Journal, Switzerland, Geneva 2013
Dr Uma Maheswari M G Analysis and design of reduced order linear quadratic regulator control for three phase power factor correction using Cuk Rectifiers Electric Power system research, Elseveir Publications (Science Direct) 2013
Dr Vijayalakshmi S LPV Modeling and Performance Analysis of Boiler Drum using IMC-PI Controller Applied mechanics and Materials Journal 2013
Dr. Mohamed Junaid K.A. FPGA Realization of Digital PWM Controller Using Q Format Based Signal Processing Journal of Vibration and Control 2013
Dr Uma Maheswari M G Analysis and design of reduced-order sliding-mode controller for three-phase power factor correction using Cuk rectifiers IET Power Electronics 2013
Dr Uma Maheswari M G Coexistence of fast-scale and slow - scale instability in CUK power factor correction AC- DC pre -regulators under non - linear current - mode control IET Power Electronics 2013
Ms Kavitha P Matrix Converter fed switched Reluctance Motor-An Experimental Investigation International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering 2012
Dr. Mohamed Junaid K.A. Modified DWT based Medical Image Transmission using reduced storage space Asian Journal of Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences 2012