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Academic Year 2016-2017

Name Title Journal Year
K.L Shunmuganathan Internetworking and Video support for Technology Inter operations in ATM Networks International Research journal of Computer Science (IRJCS) 2016
Dr.K.L.Shunmuganathan A Multi-Agent Based Intelligent Query Processing System for Hadoop with Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents-OS Using Cooperating Agent in Cloud Environment Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 2016
Dr.K.Manivannan An Automatic Multidocument Text Summarization approach based on Naive Bayesian Classifier using Timestamp strategy The Scientific World Journal 2016
Ms.S.Selvi Fuzzy concept lattice for Ontology Learning and concept classification Indian Journal of Science and Technology 2016
Dr.K.L.Shunmuganathan An Agent Based Centralized Router with Dynamic Connection Management Scheme Using JADE International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 2016
R.Bhavani CSIMIDx: A Prototype for Cloud-Based Secure Intelligent System for Medical Image Classification Asian Journal of Information Technology 2016
Dr.K.L.Shunmuganathan Role of Agent Technology in Web usage Mining: Homomorphic Encryption based Recommendation for E-Commerce Applications Wireless Personal Communications, Springer Journal 2016
Dr.K.L.Shunmuganathan A peer to peer Architecture for optimized Energy efficient Routing in Visual Sensor Networks Wireless Personal Communications, Springer Journal 2016
A.Thilagavathy An Improved Fuzzy Based Algorithm for Detecting Text from Images Using Stroke Width Transform Circuits and Systems 2016
K.L Shunmuganathan A secure and reputation based recommendation framework for cloud services IOSR journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IOSRJEEE) 2016
K.L.Shunmuganathan Role of Agent Technology in Web usage mining:Prediction of popularity of Web pages using JADE Australian journal of basic and applied sciences 2016
Ms.S.Selvi An approach to brain -computer interfaces and systems International journal of advances in engineering and technology 2016
Prof.M.Somasundaram Effective farming using automated paraquat sprayer IOSR journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IOSRJEEE) 2016