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Academic Year 2017-2018

Name Title Journal Year
Dr.M.Usha Rani, Ms. J. Martina Jenifer & Pabbisett Strength of Flanged and Plain Cruciform Steel Section used as Column Members",International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology Vol. 7, Issue 5, May2018. SSRG international journal 2018
Dr.M.Siva Experimental Investigation on polymer fiber reinforced engineered cementitious composites under flexural and shear Loading, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 13, Number 5 (2018) International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 2018
Dr.M.Siva A Computational approach of Prestressed Concrete Bridge Deck Slab analysis for various IRC Classes of loadings using Pigeaud Charts,SSRG International journal of Civil Engineering, ISSN2348-8352,volume 5 Issue 1 January 2018 SSRG-International journal of Civil Engineering 2018
A. Hemamathi, Binu Sukumar and S.Kokila A Comparative Study on Strength characteristics of Geo grid and ferro cement panel International Journal of Civil Engineering 2017
Binu Sukumar, P.Joyson Silva, V.Sherin Permeation Properties of Self Compacting Concrete using High Volume Fly Ash International Journal of Civil Engineering (SSRG - IJCE), Volume 4 Issue 5-May 2017. 2017