Guest Lectures
Academic Year No. of Guest Lectures Guest Lectures List
2021-2022 12 view
2020-2021 6 view
2019-2020 10 view
2018-2019 10 view
2017-2018 9 view
2016-2017 10 view
2015-2016 11 view
2014-2015 11 view

Automotive Embedded System

Ms Saranya
Embedded Software Engineer
Stellantis, North America

Thursday, 06-May-2021

II year

“Insights on Data Science for Engineers”

Mr. Vijay Pravin Maharajan
Business Analyst
Siemens, Germany

Saturday, 13-June-2020

IV year

“Arduino using TinkerCad”

Mr.Krishnakumar , Ms.B.Praveena
DL Programmer , Assistant Professor
Analyst Cognizant, R.M.K. Engineering College

Friday, 05-June-2020

II year

“Refining Writing Research Paper Work Flow with Collaborative Online Platform Overleaf and Share LaTeX ”

Assistant Professor
R.M.K. Engineering College

Friday, 22-May-2020

IV year

Why your subject matters Feat: HVAC&BAS”

Project Engineer
Honeywell, USA

Saturday, 09-May-2020

II year, III year

“Cyber security in Process Automation”

Mr.A.Anandha Vignesh
Project Engineer
Schneider Electric Systems India Pvt.Ltd.

Wednesday, 29-April-2020

II year, III year