Academic Year No. of Conference Conference Details
2018-2019 7 view
2017-2018 12 view
2016-2017 3 view
2015-2016 3 view
2014-2015 4 view
Academic Year 2018-2019
Name Title Conference Year
Suganthi P A Geo/G/1 Discrete time retrial queue with displacement, Bernoulli vacation and change of vacation 2nd International conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics (ICPAM-18) 2019
Pavai Madheswari & Suganthi, P Analysis of Discrete Time Retrial Queueing Model with Changes in Vacation Times for Energy Saving in WSNs 12th International Workshop on Retrial Queues and Related Topics (WRQ – 2018) 2019
Suganthi P Performance Analysis of Discrete time retrial queue with general retrial times and unreliable server International conference of Cyber Physical Systems (ICCPS’18) 2019
Pavai Madheswari & Suganthi, P Discrete Time Geo/G/1 retrial queue with customer balking, displacement and Bernoulli Feedback International Conference on Advances in Applied Probability and Stochastic Process (ICAAP&SP@CMS2019) 2019
Dr.S.Karthikeyan Stability of n-Dimensional Mixed Type Additive and Quadratic Functional Equation INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CURRENT SCENARIO IN PURE AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS (ICCSPAM 2019) 2019
Dr.S.Karthikeyan Stability of Quadratic-Reciprocal Functional Equation Connected With Fuzzy Banach Algebras National Conference on Recent Trends in Pure and Applied Mathematics (NCRTPAM-2018) 2018
Mr.A.Jagadesan Growth structure and spectroscopic studies of an organic optical material :4 Aminopyridinium 4 Nitrophenolate 4 Nitrophenol single crystal International Conference on Advance in New Materials 2018