Academic Year No. of Conference Conference Details
2018-2019 7 view
2017-2018 12 view
2016-2017 3 view
2015-2016 3 view
2014-2015 4 view
Academic Year 2016-2017
Name Title Conference Year
S. Karthikeyan Fuzzy stabilty of a quadratic functional equation originating from the median of a triangle National conference on advanced trends in Mathematics(NCATM-2017) 2017
Pavai Madheswari S., B. Krishna Kumar, Suganth Steady State Analysis of an M/G/1 Retrial Queue with Second Optional Service and Customer Balking under Two Types of Bernoulli Vacation Schedules The 11th International Workshop on Retrial Queues and Related Topics (WRQ11), August 31 to September 2, 2015, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2016
Dr.S.Pavai Madheswari Dr.S.Radhika X.Ignatious Vi Improving De-Duplication Efficiency with Multilevel Hashing in cloud storage Backup. International Conference on Computing Communication and Information Science 2016