Academic Year No. of Conference Conference Details
2018-2019 5 view
2017-2018 10 view
2016-2017 6 view
2015-2016 4 view
2014-2015 1 view
2012-2013 3 view
Academic Year 2015-2016
Name Title Conference Year
Dr. Mohamed Junaid K.A. Challenges & Opportunities in Technical Education in the Sustainable Development. 45th ISTE Annual National Convention & International Conference 2016
Dr. K.A. Mohamed Junaid Engineering Education Current Scenario and Future Prospects First Indian Engineering Deans Council Global Summit 2015
Ms Priya C Hybrid PSOGSA Tuned Controller for a Variable area MIMO Interacting Nonlinear System in Real Time National Conference on Computing and Communication 2015
Ms. Praveena B Design of spatial filter for fused CT and MRI brain images 2nd International conference on advanced computing and communication systems 2015