Academic Year No. of Awards Award Details
2021-2022 1 view
2018-2019 3 view
2017-2018 2 view
2016-2017 1 view
2015-2016 4 view
2014-2015 5 view
2013-2014 1 view

Faculty members Mr. K. Vijay Anand and Mr. J. Bharat Singh, received Class A award certificate in Task Based Training (TBT) conducted by e-Yantra, ERTS Lab. Department of Computer Science Engineering , IIT- Bombay (Supported by MHRD Ministry) during December 11, 2017 - March 31, 2018

Ms. M.Aparna, Ms. A.Akalya, Ms.R.Divya Nachiar, Ms. C.Vishnu Mareeswari, Ms. R. Srisivasakthi , and Ms. S.Sushwa were shortlisted in the grand finale of Smart India Hackathan 2018 at SKCET, Coimbatore for demonstrating the Project Smart waste management using IOT.